Business Services

We work with various business services companies, that’s companies who sell products and services to other businesses.

Having enforceable contracts builds credibility and helps to manage client expectations. It’s important to outline the liability, the payment terms and stress who owns the IP (intellectual property). A contract protects both parties and give options to resolve problems if they occur.

Typically we work with companies who offer the follow business services; Solicitors (trademark and patent services), Marketing Services, Marketing Consultant, General Consultant, IT helpdesk services, IT hardware supply, IT network services, Bookkeeping services, Web designers, Accountancy, Networking Services, Advertising Services, Mechanical engineering, Training company, Events management, Recruitment Services, Logistics/Distribution services, Concierge services, Satellite TV services, Agricultural supplies, Debt collection/recovery services, Telecommunications, Letting Agent, Web services, SEO services, Hosting services, Environmental services, Social media services, Technology services, PR/media Services and Political consultancy services.

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