Before you make a decision what type of contract will best serve your business? It’s prudent to consider the options; why acquire a contract that is unenforceable and doesn’t represent your business.

Considering contracts become relevant during times of dispute; why take the chance and use a contract where you are subject to the terms in the contract while being unaware of the legal and commercial impact on you and your business.

See our comparison below; please hover over the information icon for further explanation.


Is your contract… Our bespoke contracts ‘self drafted’ or “off the shelf”
managing the company’s liability? not fully
reflecting the company ethos?
reflecting the company guarantees?
outlining the client’s responsibilities in full? not fully
ratified by a solicitor (ie enforceable)?
managing the client expectations? not fully
understandable to clients or in an accessible style?
offering protection to both parties? not fully
relevant to your business sector?
integrated into your sales processes?
gives you confidence when doing business? some
Create Ts and Cs provide a bespoke set of Terms and Conditions for your business at a fixed price, this unique approach to individualising commercial Terms and Conditions allow Start up and SME sized businesses the opportunity to protect themselves, manage risk and guard against future unnecessary disputes at an affordable price. Download: terms & conditions | privacy policy