Affiliate Contracts

Business relationships are extremely varied and understandably you work better with some more than others. So when you find a business that you have a good working relationship with, it is important to cultivate the relationship.

Affiliate relationships help both parties to market and promote products or services. But when another business is involved in doing this it is important to put a legal framework in place for protection of both parties.

Whilst the affiliate partner doesn’t have control over your product/service, it is still advisable to have a contract that will determine how both parties act. A contract will outline what is expected from both parties and communicate how each is expected to act. It will clearly communicate the process of payment, when people can expect payment and what the terms are.

It is critical to protect your intellectual property. Anything you have created for marketing, and even the product/service itself need to be protected – you wouldn’t want anyone misusing or stealing your work

And because the contract is legally enforceable, it can support you should there be any legal action.

At Create Ts and Cs we understand your world. We understand that you want to grow your business and part of that is forming different business relationships. A contract will help to communicate what the terms are of the relationship and how to manage the expectations. We know that you want to avoid disputes and problems, and the best way to do this is by putting a legal framework in place.

We take the time to understand the relationship so that we can ensure the contract reflects it correctly. We want to help you grow whilst protecting your business.


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