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We have tried to cater for those who would like a chat and those who want to read more.  We have included some infographics below, video, testimonials and the opportunity to download our app.  Also there’s a search bar which caters for most types of terms and conditions, feel free to browse.

What we do

Create Ts and Cs draft and supply business to business, business to consumer, online (web based) or traditional terms and conditions to small businesses.  We also specialise in IT/software terms and conditions.

We help our clients avoid future commercial distress

We assist our clients save money in the medium and long term by drafting bespoke terms and conditions helping them to communicate clearly with their potential client and avoid unnecessary disputes.  We also issue the correct paperwork along with the Terms and Conditions to ensure our clients integrate the contract into their sales process. As our client’s business matures, we also offer training and on-going support with client issues and contract queries.

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    Would thoroughly recommend

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    Navigated us through the process in a really simple but compelling manner

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    Great personality to work with

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    Service insightful and thorough

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    Excellent at guiding you

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Bespoke vs DIY

What are the benefits of a bespoke contract? Find out more.


Why we do what we do

We get up in the morning and go to work to change how people feel about contracts and the law so they can at last feel:
  • Confident about what the contract is saying, they are aware of the content and its value to them.
  • Professional about their approach to doing business, they have the right paperwork and are aware that their customers and their competitors view them as both credible and capable.
  • Peace of mind with regards to being aware of the content in the contract, to know how a customer will use their services, and the knowledge the contract is fair and enforceable.
  If you’d like to speak with us call 0141 465 7077 or 0121 272 2444 to discuss your contractual requirements or contact us by email for further information.  

Download the Create Ts and Cs mobile app

Create Ts and Cs provide a bespoke set of Terms and Conditions for your business at a fixed price, this unique approach to individualising commercial Terms and Conditions allow Start up and SME sized businesses the opportunity to protect themselves, manage risk and guard against future unnecessary disputes at an affordable price. Download: terms & conditions | privacy policy