What we do

Create Ts and Cs draft and supply business to business , business to consumer, online (web based) or traditional terms and conditions to small businesses.  We also specialise in IT/software terms and conditions.

We help our clients avoid future commercial distress

We assist our clients save money in the medium and long term by drafting bespoke terms and conditions helping them to communicate clearly with their potential client and avoid unnecessary disputes.  We also issue the correct paperwork along with the Terms and Conditions to ensure our clients integrate the contract into their sales process.

If you’d like to speak with us call 0141 585 6384 to discuss your contractual requirements or email us via the ‘Contact us’ button for further information.

What our Clients Say

Ben Butler, Web and Digital Marketing Manager, Drinkaware.co.uk commented, “Drinkaware commissioned Create Ts and Cs to draft and supply a bespoke online Terms and Conditions, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for our new website. We are delighted with the finished product and the service offered, we would recommend Create Ts and Cs to any charity or company requiring online terms and conditions”.

*For further information ‘Why our Clients require Terms and Conditions’, do please watch this video.



What our Software Clients are saying

Matthew Setter MD, MaltBlue Ltd (http://www.createtsandcs.com/what-our-software-developer-clients-are-saying/) commented, “I recently contracted with Create Ts and Cs, to supply a bespoke set of terms and conditions for my business, Malt Blue Ltd. Not only was David in every way professional at all times, but he went out of his way to really get to know what I am after, what my business is about, where it is going, the type of clients that we serve and more. I can’t say enough about the level of care during the entire process. He was more than willing to answer every question I had, no matter how large or small and ensured that I was completely comfortable with the everything that is involved in using them in the future. I feel comfortable that the terms and conditions supplied by him will best fit the current and future needs of my business and strongly recommend him to you or your colleagues when you need a bespoke set of terms and conditions for your business.”

Our Ethos

Create Ts and Cs maintain that contract services should be more accessible to small businesses at a fixed price, so you can budget and be aware of all costs prior to purchase. We focused our efforts on working with small businesses offering services that result in our clients feeling protected, having peace of mind and providing them with the correct contract to do business in a professional manner.  We believe its good business practice to clearly communicate the terms of the contract, helping to avoid expensive business disputes further down the line.

If you’d like to speak with us call 0141 585 6384 to discuss your contractual requirements or email us via the ‘Contact us’ button for further information.